first, we eat.

Fresh food, no waste.

Enjoy our fresh, crunchy and vibrant salads for lunch, from a wide veriety of options.

Elevate your lunch experience with our big selection of wraps, crafted to perfection for a quick, delicious, and wholesome meal.

Grilled, handcrafted patty, made from seasoned high-quality beef, nestled within a soft, toasted brioche bun. Not forgetting the chicken fillet, fish goujon and of course the tasty vegetrian haloumi & mushroom burger.

English breakfast
A hearty and indulgent morning meal that has become an iconic part of British culinary tradition and is more than just a meal. Often labelled the best full English customers have ever had!

Clarence Court Eggs
Wake up to the enticing aromas of a breakfast feast, where the star ingredient is the humble yet versatile egg.  Our eggs are reared on enriched grain and a marigold diet which creates the perfect golden yolk from traditional free roaming breeds of birds.

Our scrambled eggs are light, fluffy, and gently cooked, that melt in your mouth, offering a subtle creaminess.

Transport yourself to the vibrant flavours of the Middle East with eggs baked in a rich spiced tomato and bell pepper stew bursting with warmth and depth.

Breads and Patisserie
Our artisanal traditionally baked breads, pastries and cakes are hand crafted and delivered daily.

Sip happens.

Our coffee is roasted to perfection with especially creamy beans, emphasising a smooth mouth feel. Tasting notes have chocolate, cherry, blackcurrant and honey.

A fresh fruity mix, blended with ice for that summer must have.

Iced Coffee
Made with rich coffee and a touch of cocoa for flavour and depth, simply blended with ice and any milk alternative to create a silky-smooth frappé.

Chai & Matcha
Indulge in the flavour of our enchanting Matcha and Chai Lattes. Sip on the velvety richness of matcha's classic vibrant green or savour the aromatic blend of spices in our comforting Chai Latte, a fusion of bold flavours, warmth from the spices and a velvety texture.

Jing Tea
Delicious loose leaf teas that embody the unique character and taste of their origin.